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We at J & R Rancho, love our animals.  We have a little of everything.

We have 13 wonderful dogs, 2 horses, mule,  miniature horse, rabbit, chickens, and lets not forget our 3 cats.

Our Great Pyrenees are:   Ellie, Dallas, Lia, Max, Pierre, Gracie, Chloe, Nellie, Pierre, Kissy, Willow, Razz and Sally.  Teddy is our Board Collie Rescue. 

J & R Rancho Max-A-Million
8 weeks old
CH J & R Rancho First Edition (Ellie)
Is this the dog for you?

How big do they get?
•    85-130 lbs. and sometime bigger

What are they used for?
•    The Pyrenees originated in the Pyrenees Mountains located France/Spain.  They were used to guard sheep.

How is their temperament?
•    These dogs are gentle, intelligent, and calm, but they are a guard dog and they need to be confident. 
•    It is not a good trait if the Pyrenees shy or is aggressive towards people.  Especially if they are aggressive.  Don’t buy from that breeder. 

•    Yes… Once a year they do a major shed, and during the year they shed, but not as much.  Did you know that the Pyrenees hair could be spun to make hats, mittens, scarf, and many other wearables?  They must be groomed at least a couple times a week.  (This keeps them mat free behind the ears and hind legs.)

•    Never shave a Pyrenees!  (Not even in the summer)  This is the beauty of these dogs.  The hair protects their skin and keeps them cool.  

Do they eat much?
•    Yes, they eat till they are full, but know when to stop.  My dog loves her goody bones (milk bones) and chew toys.  

Do they like to dig?
•    Yes!!!   They love to dig, and I do mean big holes.  So, make sure your dog has a place it can play in that you don’t have to worry about your flower garden, garden, or a hole in your yard you won’t fall in.

Do they get along with children?
•    Yes, but children need to be supervised and taught not to tease, pull their tail, wake them up when they are asleep or tease them with when they have a bones!  (This means with any dog!)
Do they bark?
•    You bet!  And sometime they don’t want to stop.  Once in a while I have to tell mine to be quite, and everything is o.k.  But, if it is real bad, I use a water bottle to make them stop.  One good sqirt will get the message and just seeing the bottle will make them stop (just long enough for me to get in bed and go to sleep and she start up again).

Are they smart?
•    Yes, too smart… and they do have a mind of their own.  You can not make them do what they don’t want to do!

Can you let them off a leash?
•    No…  These dogs must always be on a leash or have an enclosed yard for them to play and run or they will take off!!!!  They don’t always come back.
•    Never tie your dog!

Which is better a male or female?
•    This is your personal choice.  

Do you want to own one of these beautiful dogs?
•    Just a reminder…  These are big dogs, so make sure you have room for your dog. 
•    Did you know that the Pyrenees have double due claws located on the hind legs.  You must make sure you keep them trimmed.  
•    If hair around the house bothers you, don’t get a Pyrenees!  They do shed!
•    Can you afford to feed in large quantities?
•    Can you afford expenses veterinary bills (shots and when things come up)?
•    Can you give it the love and attention it needs?

These dogs are truly gentle giants.

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